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1.方案简介 本方案采用Heartbeat双机热备软件来保证数据库的高稳定性和连续性,数据的一致性由DRBD这个工具来保证。默认情况下只有一台mysql在工作,当主mysql服务器出现问题后,系统将自动切换到备机上继续提供服务,当主数据库修复完毕,又将服务切回继续由主mysql提供服务。 2.方案优缺点 优点:安全性高、稳定性高、可用性高,出现故障自动切换。 缺点:只有一台服务器提供服务,成本相对较高,不方便扩展,可能会发生脑裂。 3.软件介绍 Heartbeat介绍 此处是一个大坑,因为默认yum安装Heartbeat,不会在/etc/ha.d/resource.d/创建drbddisk脚本,估计是版本太新了吧。记得前两年都不会这样的。囧。而且也无法在安装后从本地其他路径找到该文件。此处也是因为启动Heartbeat后无法PING通虚IP,最后通过查看/var/log/ha-log日志,找到一行ERROR: Cannot locate resource script drbddisk,然后进而到/etc/ha.d/resource.d/路径下发现竟然没有drbddisk脚本,最后在google上找到该代码,创建该脚本,终于测试通过:#### drbd_set_role_from_proc_drbd() case "$CMD" in start) # try several times, in case heartbeat deadtime # was smaller than drbd ping time try=6 while true; do $DRBDADM primary $RES && break let "--try" || exit 1 # LSB generic error sleep 1 done ;; stop) # heartbeat (haresources mode) will retry failed stop # for a number of times in addition to this internal retry. let --try || exit 1 # LSB generic error sleep 1 done ;; status) if [ "$RES" = "all" ]; then echo "A resource name is required for status inquiries." exit 10 fi ST=$( $DRBDADM role $RES ) ROLE=$ case $ROLE in Primary|Secondary|Unconfigured) # expected ;; *) # unexpected. # If we are unsure about the state of a resource, we need to # report it as possibly running, so heartbeat can, after failed # stop, do a recovery by reboot. More »

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Scientists who use radiometric dating typically use every means at their disposal to check, recheck, and verify their results, and the more important the results the more they are apt to be checked and rechecked by others. More »

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