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Specializing in the treatment and application of experiential interventions for eating disorders since 1997, her animal treatment team includes two Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Milo and Otis, Sammie, a Black Labrador Retriever Mix, two miniature horses, Rosie and Brewster and a Quarter Horse named Jack.

Cheryl enjoys developing experiential programs, including patient activities and special events.

Simons was one of six local therapists who treated Del Norte County children using funding from the state's Child Abuse Treatment Program, or CHAT.

Youngsters who were already receiving individual therapy were referred to Simons through the CHAT grant.

The funding could be used if a family's out-of-pocket expenses for counseling are cost-prohibitive if they were insured, if they didn't have insurance for therapy or weren't eligible for Medi Cal, she said.

Cheryl Musick, EAGALA Advanced Certified Equine Specialist, is the Group Specialist, Activities Coordinator and Director of the Animal Assisted Therapy Program at Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders.It's the only other option for low-income families seeking mental health treatment for their kids, according to Rhonda Steel, who works through the Del Norte County District Attorney's office, which administered the grant locally.The CHAT grant allows a child who was the victim of a crime to receive counseling immediately, Steel said. And after a few minutes of this fucked, pulled my ass. Free from the body half-ton cow Ganhauzer and miraculously transformed into a lovely young woman. And my own father vlupil me with his gun first call on the most eggs. She gestured toward the adjacent room, separated from our white arch.

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Schultz is a licensed social worker who works primarily as a school counselor but does some private practice work and has seen CHAT grant patients off and on since the program started 15 years ago.