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But its official policy, as publicly expressed by former Interior Minister Eli Yishai and never disavowed since, is to “make their lives miserable“, so that the Africans will pick up and leave of their own volition.With the blessing of the government, gangs of Jews continue to prey upon any African they can get their hands on, to add to the misery-making. — Myself and several of my friends (6 of us in total, one being African) were out to celebrate Laila Lavan, or the “White Night”. One of the men tried to punch our friend, but was held back by his accomplice; we can only assume that, as we were in front of a store, they did not want to attract any further attention.The TRUE Hebrew Israelites are those People Whose Fathers are Of Negroid, Latino or Native American Descent.We offer a place for you to learn the truth about your hidden identity and stolen heritage.

Their occurrence is so commonplace that they rarely merit any mention in the media, but by North American standards, any one of these incidents would be considered scandalous.

For the past several years, high-level Israeli politicians have competed with one another to vilify Africans in the most dehumanizing language possible, casting them as diseased, criminals and terrorists.

In the last two years, the government has built both a desert fence to prevent any more Africans from crossing Israel’s border to seek asylum, and a series of desert jails to indefinitely hold without trial any others who arrive and increasing numbers who are pulled off the streets.

Without any provocation, two men who presented themselves as religious Jews and members of some kind of security force berated the group for befriending an African man and physically assaulted their dark-skinned friend.

It is important to understand the context in which these regular racist attacks occur.

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Rabbi Shalem Yeshurun, a graduate of the Israelite Academy and spiritual […] Chief Rabbi Capers Funnye will be making several New York appearances during his visit from Saturday, October 14th to Sunday October 15th.

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