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Chiwetel ejiofor dating

From London's Dulwich College, Chiwetel went on to the National Theatre and prestigious drama school LAMDA, leaving when he got a call from Steven Spielberg, who picked him for Amistad.Chiwetel, though, didn't hang around to find out if the rest of Hollywood was as impressed with him. And I imagined it would make a great story or memory." he said of that time.Sari was always such a big part of his life so it was definitely a big surprise to hear they had separated.” But despite Mercer’s role in his life, Ejiofor isn’t out here sulking over the split.He’s already found a new lady whom he was spotted with in Manhattan over the weekend.

After his engagement in National Youth Theatre he started achieving success in the industry and he is also the scholarship holder within London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts during the very early time while he was just 19 years old in his age.

During the very first time he was offered for the film Amistad and he was assigned with the character as James Covey.

Chiwetel parents were originally belonging from Igbo origin and his father was a doctor whose name is Arinze.

He hesitated to take historical drama 12 Years a Slave because: "You wait all your life for a great script to come through the door.

You're hassling your agent and then it comes and you read it and your first reaction surprises you. ' It turns out he could, a happy eventuality which put him in the company of co-stars Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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