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Dating a bipolar sufferer

It is important to understand that this disorder is marked by both depression and mania- without one of these two conditions, the diagnosis may be for a different mood disorder.Here are 10 common symptoms for bipolar disorder, categorized by their depressed or manic instances. Depression: Suicidal Thoughts One of the most serious symptoms of bipolar disorder is the possibility for suicidal thoughts.Just as Depression is one example of a mood disorder, Bipolar Disorder is another.The situation is often the most difficult for the loved ones who live in the same house as the person with Bipolar Disorder.Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that is also known as manic-depressive disorder.This illness is a mood disorder which carries a psychiatric diagnosis.

In addition, when the sufferer goes into a manic cycle, the inability to sleep can disrupt the whole house.The trademark of Bipolar Disorder is a major mood imbalance.The person may go from depressed to a manic state, or may experience other shifts in mood that affect the person's ability to function.The reason for this is because the sufferer goes through major mood 'spells' and the sufferer himself or herself feels overwhelmed and often feels a loss of control as a result.This mood shift often spills over to others, and this can set the tone for the mood in the entire house.

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Cyclothymia is when a person does not experience severe depressed or manic episodes but still cycle through moods.

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