Did davey havok dating jef star carrie ann inaba dating 2016

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Did davey havok dating jef star

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The most recent AFI album, ' Crash Love,' was released back in 2009, and since AFI has constantly been releasing new material since their ' Dork' EP in 1993, fans may be wondering what exactly Havok has been up to since AFI's 2009 record.

In addition to his side project Blaqk Audio, the apparent answer is ' Pop Kids,' which has been given an April 4 release date by Black Candy Publishing.

Most likely it’s because he possesses that certain magic called confidence which only a rare few people have and the rest of us are drawn to like moths to the flame. He can’t stand gossipy people who pass judgement on others. After an hour of chatting it up with Davey we realized he’s just as genuine and sincere as he is in his videos, laughing almost the entire way through the interview and adding bits of comic relief along the way. We started the interview with 10 scribbled questions, but as we continued we kept asking more and more questions, intrigued by his responses, and the whole thing just felt like a conversation you’d have with one of your best friends. I think that one of the great things about You Tube is that it’s really just you speaking your voice saying what you want to say so there’s not really anyone that’s kind of supervising what’s going on. I started my website as a personal blog years and years and years ago. I never really intended for anyone to read it or for anyone to follow along.A video teaser has also been unveiled for ' Pop Kids,' depicting a young male character staring into a fiery blaze, almost hypnotized as he flicks a yellow-and-black Zippo-style lighter open and closed.The teaser also contains an intriguing string of dialogue from within the mind of the video's protagonist, creating a gripping osmosis of curiosity within the viewer.' Pop Kids' will hit bookshelves on April 4, and a special embossed edition signed by Havoc himself is now available for pre-order.Pop Kids may shock some readers with its unflinching portrayal of a generation weaned on modern media and the cult of celebrity.But according to Havok, this is a world that really exists.

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Q: Actually, a lot of your fans don't know what to make of your sexuality. I've found that at times that question and the dubiousness that I seem to exude has given people something -- not simply gossip or whether God is going to smite them for liking our band, but actually they've found strength and become more comfortable with who they are as a person. It's a wonderful side effect of what we're doing, to give someone the strength to come out of the closet to their family, or simply present themselves aesthetically in a way they feel happy with, whether or not their friends are going to be allowed to like them anymore. However, since I've made posts like this repeatedly over the years and people still refuse to believe he's not gay, I guess we'll have to keep hearing about it ad infinitum. Also, my friend heard YOU were there gay Extra add-in opinion: Personally, and after reading Jade's comment that he is not gay or bi, I believe Davey to be metrosexual.

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