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She hasn’t traveled there; she doesn’t have casts of the fossils themselves.What she does have, and what is steadily becoming available to other organizations, is access to 3D printers.And with access to 3D printers, Jennifer was able to make use of the digital scans and images provided on Regular 2D printing has become so fast, so cheap, and so easy.The distribution of the different geological units and flowstones is shown together with the inferred distribution of fossil material.“My professor and I,” said Jennifer, referring to Rachel Caspari, “as long as we’ve known about this species, we’ve always been interested in it.” But the path to actually studying Homo naledi didn’t appear until this past October, when Central Michigan University opened its Makerbot Innovation Center, making it unique amongst public Midwest universities.

Both sets of fossils were found in South Africa: Homo naledi in the Dinaledi Chamber of the Rising Star Cave, and Homo sapiens at Klasies River Mouth. Jennifer’s goal: to determine the age of the Homo naledi fossils by comparing their physical attributes to this set of Homo sapiens fossils.And then I discovered a Forensic Anthropology course that was being offered at CMU, and I decided to give that a try.Once I did, I realized that it was very similar; there were a lot of things that were exactly like what they portrayed on TV.“I love to be able to look at a set of bones, examine them, look at all their features and any marks or anything that’s on them and be able to tell a story from that,” she said.This is no surprise, given that her interest in Forensic Anthropology—her intended course of study for her Masters—was prompted by the show, “Bones,” based on the life of Kathy Reichs.

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Klasies River Mouth Homo sapiens have been dated to about 120,000 years ago.

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