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Modern windmills pin-cushion the fields around Amlwch, where what became the world's biggest copper mine was first exploited in 1768.

To explore the old workings on Parys Mountain, drive inland down the B5111 before rejoining the main road near Moelfre.

It also shows how the average crime rates in similar areas to your local area have changed over time.

Where your area lies in relation to the red and green lines is more important than its rank among similar areas.

If your area lies between the red and green lines, its crime rate is normal for the group.

However, the circumstances within these areas do still vary and these variations can have an impact on the crime rates observed.

This chart compares the crime rate in your local area to the average crime rate across the force area.

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The red and green lines show how far the crime rate would normally vary from the average.

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