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This should not be breaking news, and yet it will be for many. Back in the 1990's, lesbian and gay organizations started adding transgender people to their missions.

It seemed to be a reasonable expansion -- transgender people face many of the same prejudices that gay people do.

Transsingle is a free dating website based only and strictly on dating, and not just random hook ups or one night stands.Trans Single is an online dating platform for majorly transgendered dating.It is a free website for setting up dates between MTF, FTM, Transsexual, Gender fluid and non-binary people.It can be used by single or others in others in other forms of relationships.It is one of the only places on the internet where transgendered and transsexuals can find love without fear of being judged and stereotyped.

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If you're on Tinder, here are some Do's and Don'ts for users when you run into someone who happens to be transgender. Engaging with people you fundamentally disagree with can only lead to an uncomfortable situation. If they are a transgender woman, use "she" and "her" and vice versa for males.