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(Tucker almost ended up in a wheelchair after breaking his spine in a car crash.)" data-reactid="22"So, who among this remaining eight will be in the bottom four next Tuesday?

But last September, he posted a shocking, heartbreaking open letter on his blog, titled "The Reason I Will Not Be An Allstar," revealing that he'd been in a serious accident in June 2012 that had nearly ended not only his dance career, but his life as well."Every doctor that I have been to since has said 'wow…you're lucky you are alive' or 'people with this kind of accident are usually are pronounced dead on the spot,'" Robert wrote."One day I will be back on my feet and dancing and doing the things I love to do.In the meantime I am so lucky to be living breathing and opening my eyes every day…This is not the end. I won’t give up till I'm on that stage again."season — alongside current contestant Tucker Knox, another dancer who'd once been in a near-fatal accident.I believe that doing this was ultimately more valuable than any time we could have spent cleaning details and making the piece perfect.Mandy taught me this at a young age, and I try to apply it to Taylor as much as I possibly can when I teach her.

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